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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Plug Lamp by Form Us With Love for Ateljé Lyktan

"Stockholm designers Form Us With Love have integrated an electrical socket into the base of their latest lamp so there’s always a socket to hand when you want to charge a phone or laptop.

Intended for a hotel lobby or bedside table, the Plug Lamp for Swedish brand Ateljé Lyktan has a powder-coated aluminium base and opal blown-glass top."                                                                   
- Dezeen

Monday, 15 October 2012

libratone portable wireless speaker series


libratone 'zipp' series in wool

"copenhagen-based audio company libratone has developed a series of airplay-enabled speakers. available in three different
configurations – the 'zipp', 'live' and 'lounge' model range are designed to work seamlessly through a wireless network which
is activated via the libratone app. featuring a voicing feature, the device enables users to change the equalizer settings to match
the type of music you're listening to, as well as adjust the volume controls.

each of the speakers integrate 'fullroom sound', where rather than using two speakers to deliver high-quality audibles, it projects
music like acoustic instruments, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting them off the walls for a 360 degree
listening experience. available in wool or cashmere, the collection is conceived to be fully customizable, with a variety of options
for swapping covers to match interior spaces or moods. "                                                                                 -------  designboom

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mandai Courtyard House by Atelier M + A

"Located in a quiet nature reserve near the Upper Seletar reservoir, the Mandai Courtyard House is a peaceful single-story bungalow that’s not often seen on the island of Singapore. Atelier M + A met the owner’s request to keep the home on one floor instead of building as large as they could go, which tends to be the norm.

Built around a central courtyard, the square doughnut-shaped house gives the privacy and security the owner longed for in the evenings while outside. The front part of the house opens up with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors to open up the living and dining rooms to the outdoors."
Design Milk

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Project Look! by Pentagram

"Symbol and campaign to remind pedestrians and drivers to look before entering crosswalks and intersections."

Monday, 8 October 2012

Modular Furniture You Can Arrange The Way You Want: Hocky by Marcin Wielgosz

Hocky is not your average seating collection – it’s ridiculously smart. Designed by Marcin Wielgosz of Merely, Hocky is made of various sized segments of sofas and chairs with integrated tables that you can pick and choose to form the configuration you want.

The movable wood tables can act as armrests, end tables, workstations, or TV dinner trays (remember those?). The cool thing about this collection is the notched out sections in the seating that allow the wood tables to slide in wherever you like, keeping them in place. The possibilities are endless!

via: design milk 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

dror: havvada man-made island off the turkish coast

'havvada island' by studio dror, inanlar, turkey
image © studio dror
all images courtesy of studio dror

upon the removal of one billion cubic meters of soil to open a canal through istanbul, the construction company inanlar proposed
to use this displaced earth to create a new land, an island which serves as a revolutionary system of progressive living for the future, located
off the coast of istanbul. 'havvada island' is designed by new york-based practice studio dror, constructing six green-covered mountains
supported by large internal geodesic domes ranging from 230 to 400 meters in height that integrate directly into the form's substructure.
the mass's diameter measures three kilometers with a 1 square-kilometer downtown area which houses recreational parks and
venues as well as meeting areas. each hill-like module is self-sufficient and completely autonomous in energy production and recycling,
creating a net-positive eco-system. 'havvada island' is the synthesis of buckminster fuller's structural innovations and ebenezer howard's
garden city.

a circulation grid of personal rapid transportation and cable cars directly links each hill to each other in addition to the downtown in
an efficient manner, due to the circular layout. each massive mound is based on a specific function, such as a museum, education or
sports arenas, and features the specific social activity in the center of the dome, easily accessible by the rest of the community.
the residential sectors wrap the outside of the mountain-sized cupolas to provide natural light and views to every resident and equal
access to communal functions. the result is a three-dimensional horizontal urban grid, not only arranging the components of a city based on a
two-dimensional vertical layout, but now adding the element of depth and height to explore the consequent advantages.


Monday, 1 October 2012

Wu Residence by Neri&Hu

A large glass vitrine holds rooms like exhibits at the centre of this apartment in Singapore by Chinese architects Neri&Hu.