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Friday, 23 November 2012

simpraxis: house 0605 in cyprus

"built for a family of three on the outskirts of nicosia in cyprus, 'house 0605' by local practice simpraxis takes up only half of a lot and
shares a wall with its neighbor. the sequence of spaces are designed to let the user experience an integral relationship between the interior
and exterior as well as on a larger scale between the residence and the neighborhood. sliding perforated metal panels around the openings
marking the street side facade give the resident the possibility to open the house to the outside world, or close it off completely. the central
courtyard typology wraps a private outdoor space around which the living room, kitchen and major circulation are organized. the top level
contains the bedroom and an overhanging corridor that shades the social functions below. the structure consists of poured-in-place
concrete shear walls and large glass panels. the exposed concrete also carries through to the interior material palette, defining the walls and
balanced by the warmth of the wooden floor. spaces are placed to be joined or separated based on the time of day and the specific activity.
a retractable metal fence at the front of the dwelling slides back to connect the living area with the street-side courtyard created from the
three-foot setback."    ---- designboom

Dezeen Studio: Tuesday at MOST

Today's TV show from Dezeen Studio in Milan features Tom Dixon showing us the restaurant in a former monastic dining room, where diners sit on chairs fabricated at the venue and order food with mobile phones.
The episode also features an interview with Johanna Agerman-Ross from Disegno magazine plus details of our first daily give-away and a weather report.
Today's music track from Dezeen Music Project is L'Hallucination Electronique by Ayham Dalal.
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Monday, 19 November 2012

andrew maynard architects: HOUSE house, melbourne

first image
'HOUSE house' by andrew maynard architects, melbourne, australia
image © peter bennetts
all images courtesy of andrew maynard architects

an extended melbourne family owning two neighboring houses in dire need of a restoration and addition led to the clever re-design by local
practice andrew maynard architects. the solution is simple and effective, join the two mirrored residences through a shared pivot point, with
a backyard that is capable of transforming into one cohesive park. in breaking from typical australian homes with low roof lines and expansive
footprints, this new typology introduces the strategies implemented in higher density contexts, creating slender taller structures with light
flooding in from the roof and opening more space for the garden. the addition is a contemporary cedar-clad volume with several windows of
varying sizes and a small children's rendition of a house painted black meeting the street to discourage graffiti artists from tagging the wall.
the interior exposes black steel elements as the primary frame structure, a spiral staircase and mesh corridors. the original brick of the existing
buildings are left exposed creating a more industrial feel with decisive injections of warm wood planks for the siding and flooring accented through
the glow from the skylight. the separate masses contain their own private areas and share the main living functions in the new addition.


"Brazilian architect and designer Diego Revollo recently completed the Real Parque Loft in a residential neighborhood of São Paulo, Brazil. The space was reconfigured from its original, broken up floor plan to an open, loft-like space. They chose a burned cement coating for the floors, walls, and ceilings to give it an overall uniform look, which lends itself to the modern aesthetic the owner was looking for.
With most of the surfaces being a gray tone, they made sure not to let it be too cold with the finished color. Warm reddish-toned woods and pops of color were brought in to bring a more natural balance to the space."  ---- design milk


Friday, 9 November 2012

nishant jethi: the clenoscope

"first image
'cleanoscope', mumbia, india
littering is a hard-to-change habit. the challenge was to make people throw waste into the trash. turning to the kaleidoscope for reference,
the act of throwing garbage is now fun. when you place the unwanted objects into the container, it creates a beautiful pattern.
experimenting with user interaction, the product was placed in a public setting in a children's park in mumbai, india."


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Interactive floor plan: 'House Like Village' by Marc Koehler Architects

"The KNSM Island in Amsterdam is an interesting mix of leftover dockland industrial units, and redeveloped and repurposed buildings, all orientated around a late 1980s masterplan by local architectJo Coenen. One of these preserved buildings is an old canteen, which has since been transformed into a number of individual housing units.

Marc Koehler architects' 'House Like Village' project attempts to capture the zeitgeist of the island by imagining the residential space as a set of many microcosms. These have been manifested in the design as smaller 'clusters', cube shaped volumes within the main residential unit. Bedrooms and storage spaces are hidden in the same style behind white painted doors. These cubes support a kitchen, study and dining area above, all playfully connected by walking bridges.

Koehler worked closely with the clients (a young couple with one new-born) and established a design that can be easily extended if needed by way of additional volumes.

A large fireplace helps to heat the main living area, while the isolation of the more private spaces helps to cut down on individual energy demands.

The vast interior is blessed with outstanding views of the harbour and abundant natural light, thanks to two completely glazed facades. The contrast between the existing, exposed roof structure and the experimental layout reflects the island's evolution and heritage."
---------By Nam Kha Tran

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NDA Planter by no.555

The house is located at the top of a hill in the Yamate Bluff neighbourhood, a popular tourist area filled with western-style houses from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. However, architect Takuya Tsuchida of no.555 didn’t want to reflect the appearance of these buildings too closely. ”I believe that building design should both respect and challenge the potential of an area and the direct environment,” he said.

The concrete walls of the house were cast in-situ and took up pigments from the different plywood panels, which were arranged in a stretcher pattern to create the impression of over-sized brickwork.

Large rectangular openings puncture each elevation, revealing plant-filled terraces on each floor of the three-storey house.

On the upper floors these terraces offer views over the city, while on the ground floor one of the openings is used as a driveway.

Residents can enter the house on the first floor as well as the ground floor, as a metal staircase climbs up to one of the terraces.

An open-plan kitchen and living room benefit from the views on the top floor, while bedrooms are at ground level.

---   DEZEEN