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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

NDA Planter by no.555

The house is located at the top of a hill in the Yamate Bluff neighbourhood, a popular tourist area filled with western-style houses from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. However, architect Takuya Tsuchida of no.555 didn’t want to reflect the appearance of these buildings too closely. ”I believe that building design should both respect and challenge the potential of an area and the direct environment,” he said.

The concrete walls of the house were cast in-situ and took up pigments from the different plywood panels, which were arranged in a stretcher pattern to create the impression of over-sized brickwork.

Large rectangular openings puncture each elevation, revealing plant-filled terraces on each floor of the three-storey house.

On the upper floors these terraces offer views over the city, while on the ground floor one of the openings is used as a driveway.

Residents can enter the house on the first floor as well as the ground floor, as a metal staircase climbs up to one of the terraces.

An open-plan kitchen and living room benefit from the views on the top floor, while bedrooms are at ground level.

---   DEZEEN

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