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An ambitious and flexible graphic designer from China with a recent Master Desgree in Graphic Design from London College of Communication.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Helvetica font: Most popular font all over the world

Helvetica was developed in 1957 by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann at the Haas'sche Schriftgiesserei (Haas type foundry) of Switzerland. Until now, it's also the most important font all over the world. It's really unbelievable! We can find it form anywhere around us. From NewYork and Chicago subway to Microsoft; from American Airlines to Lufthansa. Obviously, it have already become a stream. These logo are very successful cases for using Helvetica. And also are my favoriate brands design. 

so which one you prefer? Do you think Helvetica is the number one all over the world?


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Multi-media design: Florescent Lamp Shadow

Florescent Lamp Shadow Meaning: the five thousand years of Chinese culture has nurtured countless cultural marrows. Florescent lamp is one of them. It has been popular 8 hundred years ago among folk people. We can not overlook its decorative function. This work presents different lamp shadows according to how a florescent lamp is made, so it is called Florescent Lamp Shadow. Innovations: to demonstrate florescent lamp

through three parts - decoration, structure and history. Decoration reflects the artistic charms of florescent lamp. Structure explains how the florescent lamp has contributed to mechanics from the point of lamp structure. History tells the origin of florescent lamp with the assistance of pictures and texts. In one word, it shows the influence of florescent lamp on literature, paintings and movies and the broadness of Chinese culture.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

2011年的春节——2011 Chinese Lunar New Year

今天是2011年2月2号,所谓中国的除夕夜。对于我来说是很重要的一天,因为2011年也是我的生肖年:兔年。可是在伦敦一点新年的气氛都没有,没有放鞭炮,穿新衣服,吃团圆饭··· ··· 真的很无聊。在这个时候还是很想家的。不过我是来学习的,所以除了学习以外的东西都可以忘记。其实我的硕士课程已经过去两个星期了,感觉并不是很顺利,在英语方面还是很吃力,在听课或者是小组讨论时都能暴露出我的英语问题。不过我已经来英国有半年了,咋就没觉得有进步呢!平时学习自主能力差的我到了这边更是散漫了,上一次交作业还是提前一天晚上没有睡觉通宵一夜赶完的,真的好几天都没有精神,很难受,这个坏习惯真的要改一改了。

Today is 2nd February, 2011 which is Chinese new year. It is a really important day for me due to this year in China is the rabbit year. However, there is no any new year's atmosphere in London, like firework, new clothing and eating with family together. It's so boring and I also miss home at this stage. anyway, the propose of coming London is studying, so any other influence of elements should be forget. Actually, I have already started my Master course for two weeks, but I felt so terrible about English ability when I listen to a lecture or discussion with classmates. I really doubted why my English never be improved about staying half a year in London. And in terms of the ability of studying, that's my weakness. For instance, the last time I did homework in the last whole night and next few days make me so uncomfortable. I think this bad habit should be correct in some way.