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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Multi-media design: Florescent Lamp Shadow

Florescent Lamp Shadow Meaning: the five thousand years of Chinese culture has nurtured countless cultural marrows. Florescent lamp is one of them. It has been popular 8 hundred years ago among folk people. We can not overlook its decorative function. This work presents different lamp shadows according to how a florescent lamp is made, so it is called Florescent Lamp Shadow. Innovations: to demonstrate florescent lamp

through three parts - decoration, structure and history. Decoration reflects the artistic charms of florescent lamp. Structure explains how the florescent lamp has contributed to mechanics from the point of lamp structure. History tells the origin of florescent lamp with the assistance of pictures and texts. In one word, it shows the influence of florescent lamp on literature, paintings and movies and the broadness of Chinese culture.

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