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Sunday, 16 January 2011

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One day in Museum of London

One day in Museum of London

This is fourth time to go to museum in London. Museum of London is a little bit different from Barbican Art Gallery and Hayward Gallery, which focus on the history of London. Specifically, it distinguish three main period of developing from London before London, Roman London and Medieval London. A large number of information of happening in London is showed through original object, photography, multimedia and sculpture. By manager of museum creating a better way to understand clearly about history of London is brochure in the entrance of the museum. The best characteristic of brochure is servicing of multi-language. That means you can choose favorably your language to read. The museum offers another brochure to children as well.

Then, I will introduce my feeling of the first theme. The first theme of Museum of London is London before London (450,000BC- AD50). In here, the number of fossil of tools and animals can be found. The feet of the elephant make me most impression. Actually, I have never seen so amazing size before. Intelligence of human have to be admired when I got elephant has hunted by human to using sharp tools during 4000,000BC. I know the climate, life style and kind of tools as well. I am telling you it really seems like a fantastic visiting to know the history of London.

Nick 31/07/10

London impression

London is a beginning place of my dream. In here, everything can make me refreshing, exciting and appealing. Because lots of different things I can find in London rather than in Beijing. Such as architecture, food, langrage, history and culture. Actually, I have a huge fascination for western culture. Perhaps, this is one important reason for me to come here.

Many buildings of London are famous for unique style all over the world. But I am crazy about London Eye. The shape of London Eye is really like a huge eye and I think it represent creativity, ambition and imagination. I will have more motivation to do any work when I keep in mind it.

London Eye is seen everyday because I need to by bus cross Thames go to London Collage of Communication for my academic English course. Moreover, it makes me remind a old saying which is” Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. And some have greatness thrust upon them.” Anyway, I will do my best in London.

Nick 27.06.2010