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Friday, 23 November 2012

simpraxis: house 0605 in cyprus

"built for a family of three on the outskirts of nicosia in cyprus, 'house 0605' by local practice simpraxis takes up only half of a lot and
shares a wall with its neighbor. the sequence of spaces are designed to let the user experience an integral relationship between the interior
and exterior as well as on a larger scale between the residence and the neighborhood. sliding perforated metal panels around the openings
marking the street side facade give the resident the possibility to open the house to the outside world, or close it off completely. the central
courtyard typology wraps a private outdoor space around which the living room, kitchen and major circulation are organized. the top level
contains the bedroom and an overhanging corridor that shades the social functions below. the structure consists of poured-in-place
concrete shear walls and large glass panels. the exposed concrete also carries through to the interior material palette, defining the walls and
balanced by the warmth of the wooden floor. spaces are placed to be joined or separated based on the time of day and the specific activity.
a retractable metal fence at the front of the dwelling slides back to connect the living area with the street-side courtyard created from the
three-foot setback."    ---- designboom

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